Haunted Houses in Houston

Everyone loves Halloween in Texas. In fact, the only things that Texans like more than Halloween are barbeques and Christmas. The great thing about these two things are that Halloween is, of course, an optimal time for throwing a couple of T-Bone steaks and baked potatoes on the grill, and it also marks the beginning of the Holiday season. This is enough to get anyone's jaw locked and loaded for a solid, bellowing, "Yee-haw!" Halloween is also a fantastic time of the year because of the atmosphere that surrounds the entire month of October because of it. During the entire month everyone eagerly awaits their next scare as Halloween-themed activities and events start to sprout up everywhere. These can include horror movies, costume parties, pumpking carving contests, and hayrides! However, arguably the most exciting attractions that start to make appearances around Halloween-time are Haunted Houses. Haunted Houses are large, usually re-purposed, buildings that have been decorated to incite all of the guests' greatest fears. It is also filled with costumed performers who, while not ever actually harming the guests of the haunted house, will do their best to make sure that your ten gallon hat comes flying off of your head and blows through the roof before you've even made it halfway through the venue, I reckon. Now, we know what you're all thinking: Haunted Houses are nice and all, but it's easy to get pretty discouraged once you've finished an awesome Haunted House, and then the feeling of dread sets in because you know that you have to wait a whole year before attending a Haunted House again. And we agree, this can be very discouraging. However, by getting a bunch of your friends together and renting a party bus, you can hop around to all of the best haunted houses in your area in one night, and do so while having a moving party in between stops. The following article will highlight just some of the fantastic benefits of renting a party bus to transport your party to all of the best Haunted Houses in the area, all in one night.

Party Buses are large, repurposed, parties-on-wheels. They are typically utilized for bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, bridal parties, and transporting high school students to prom. They are, however, also fantastic for getting a group of friends together to go bar-hopping because of the fact that you can drink on board, as a driver is provided through the party bus service. Party Buses can carry between a dozen and two dozen passengers, depending on the size of the bus, and they have awesome built-in speakers as well as built-in coolers to store all of the drinks that you could want. So you should ask yourself: if people can utilize a party bus to go bar-hopping, then why can't I utilize a party bus to go Haunted House-hopping? The answer is, YOU SHOULD! Haunted Houses are terrifying, and the best way to cool down from these horrifying frights is by sitting back and relaxing with your good friends, and sharing a drink.

Haunted Houses are one of the greatest attractions around Halloween time. Their terrifying interiors perfectly represent the horrifying atmosphere that fills the air in October. The best way to indulge in these horrors is by getting about a dozen friends together and renting out a party bus to experience all of the best haunted houses in the area!


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