Dining in El Lago

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4106 Nasa Pkwy
El Lago, TX 77586

Boondoggles is a sports bar that serves amazing pizza, as well as wings, ceviche, nachos, queso, and salad. With attentive waitresses and reasonable pricing, visiting here is a no brainer.
Valdos Seafood House
4106 Nasa Pkwy
El Lago, TX 77586

Valdos is known to be a great place to get your fill of seafood and Mexican cuisine. You've never had fish tacos like this before! The portions are large here, so what are you waiting for?
Gabacho’s Mexican Grill
4449 Nasa Pkwy
El Lago, TX 77586

Gabacho's Mexican Grill has a casual atmosphere that makes you feel relaxed! You're going to be impressed with the food here, without a doubt. Be sure to try out all of their daily dinner specials!
Chelsea Wine Bar
4106 Nasa Pkwy
El Lago, TX 77586

Chelsea Wine Bar is tucked behind an Italian restaurant, and it's a hidden gem that you should certainly take advantage of. The cheese trays are delicious, and the extensive wine selection, even more so.
Jack In The Box
4457 Nasa Pkwy
El Lago, TX 77586

Jack In The Box offers a fast food alternative to those who don't have time to sit down and eat at a restaurant. They offer a variety of affordable selections to make your stomach full and happy here!
Billy’s Donuts
4014 Nasa Rd 1
El Lago, TX 77586

Billy's Donuts is a great place to go for breakfast. When you want a platter of pancakes, bacon, eggs, and hash browns, there's no better place to go! Plus, their home brewed coffee is high quality.
Opus Bistro
1002 Aspen Rd
Clear Lake Shores, TX 77565

Opus Bistro is a seafood restaurant with much to offer. If you're a fan of lobster, crab cakes, and ceviche, you'll love all that is offered at this upscale Bistro in nearby Clear Lake Shores.
Merlion Restaurant
1304 4th St
Seabrook, TX 77586

Merlion is a Thai restaurant with a high class atmosphere. Their panang curry is known throughout the city, and their large portion sizes will certainly have you coming back time and time again.